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About Us

Martine Velthuis (violinist), Mathias Schwaiger Pearson (cellist) and Mieke Verduijn (piano) met each other during their studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In September 2019, they started playing as a trio. In a short amount of time, a great dedication and enthusiasm for the piano trio emerged. Brioso (lively, full of fire) became not only the name, but also the true identity of the trio.

In the past few years, the trio has played at various concert venues, including Concertgebouw de Vereeniging, Nijmegen and Amare, The Hague. In September 2022 they won the third prize at the second edition of the Chamber Music Competition Gelre and in December 2022 they were awarded the 1er Prix à l'unanimité at the Internation Music Competition.


The trio followed the minor chamber music from 2020-2022 and has successfully completed it. During the minor they received weekly lessons from the members of the Osiris Trio (Ellen Corver, Peter Brunt and Larissa Groeneveld). After completing the minor, they were selected to participate in the master's specialization in chamber music. As part of this specialization, they currently regularly attend classes with Mikhail Zemstov, Slava Poprugin, Ellen Corver and Janet Krause.

Three years in a row, the trio participated three times in the European Chamber Music Academy, where they immersed themselves for a week in the international chamber music world by following workshops, master classes and participating in concerts. They followed master classes with, among others, Michel Strauss, Hatto Beyerle, Patrick Jüdt, Karla Haltenwanger and members of Cuarteto Casals.

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